Peter’s drive-in and unconventional fluids

Today was another foray into the still strange world of Canadian fast-food. I found myself visiting an institution which has stood in Calgary for fifty years. For this city, that’s almost like finding the Dead Sea scrolls jammed down the back of your sofa. The venue, Peter’s Drive In, at 219 16th Avenue.

Best burgers in Calgary!

Best burgers in Calgary!

Created back in the 1960 by a Dutch immigrant, Pete’s Drive-In was founded on the back of hard work and good food. You won’t find as wide a range of meat products as at chains like Burger King or Dairy Queen, but that isn’t what Pete’s is all about. They make a small variety of meals, and do it very well. I’ve seen long queues here – not hard to understand when the food is so good.

Based upon my experiences at previous burger joints, both here and in Europe, I decided that a small portion of fries would be barely enough to sustain me, and asked for a triple cheese burger and large fries. This must happen quite often, as the lady serving me gazed over her glasses and said “Sir, the large fries feeds five”. For once, I was being delivered the truth. A “small” portion made me want to go to sleep, and the triple burger was so large that most of the cow was still attached.

Determined to make myself ill, I had also ordered a large milkshake. When this arrived, I found that it had much in common with the bitumen found in the oil sands further north. Ultra viscous at ambient temperatures, it really didn’t want to flow, and significant heating was required back at the lab before I could actually consume my dessert. A spade would actually have been quite useful!

So, first impressions: good food. Substantial portion size, and short waiting time. Only downside, they only take cash, which is inconvenient when almost everyone else accepts cards. Still, if that’s my only complaint, they’re doing very well. If you find yourself in Calgary, I would recommend at least one lunch from Pete’s. You won’t regret it, though you may want a nap afterwards!


2 Comments on “Peter’s drive-in and unconventional fluids”

  1. Chris Cross says:

    Ha ha you girt big burger-imbibing machine! Can’t beat a good burger with the accoutrements.

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