My monster reading list

I’ve been reading an excellent blog called 101 Books; you can find it here.

One thing that the blogger is doing is following the Time Magazine list of 101 greatest books, and reviewing each as he reads it.

Not wanting to rip off his idea, by just copying it, I thought that I would do something similar with all of the books lying around my house that I have never finished, or even started. None of these books is intended to be on some kind of greatest hits list. They only qualify if I have it in the house, and have never completed it before.

I’m sure it will get bigger, but here’s a start:

  • The Grapes of Wrath – John Steinbeck
  • Moby Dick – Herman Merville
  • The story of the Lewis and Clark expedition – Noah Brooks
  • The Language Instinct – Simon Pinker
  • The collapse of chaos – Ian Stewart
  • Dead Souls – Nikolai Gogol
  • The Journals – Capt. James Cook
  • Wealth of nations – Adam Smith
  • Snow falling on cedars – David Gutterson
  • The bonfire of the vanities – Tom Wolfe
  • Walden – Henry David Thoreau
  • For whom the bell tolls – Ernest Hemingway
  • Ivanhoe – Sir Walter Scott
  • The Idiot – Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • Frigo – Claudine Muno (In Letzebuergesch, for a challenge!)

One of my friends has suggested “Moby Dick”, so that’s where I’ll start. If and when I finish any of these, I will post a brief and most likely uninformed review. Please feel free to comment, either about the list, or any of my reviews. Talking about books is the purpose of this post!


5 Comments on “My monster reading list”

  1. Geoff W says:

    That’s how I started my list 😀

  2. Caitlin says:

    I’ve got Walden in my list to read, and I’ll post a review on my blog since I’m sure there’s a minimalist idea or two in the book 😛

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