My mate Fraser and the Scottish elephant polo team

I’m stuck inside today, watching the rain batter off the windows, and started thinking about one of my friends who lives in a remote part of Agyll. Fraser Maciver, a Canadian artist, lives and works near Crinan. A truly beautiful part of the world, and feeling much more cut off from civilisation than it probably is. Here’s the thing – Fraser lives in a wagon. This means that the weather that I am currently “enjoying” is probably a bit closer to Fraser.

Link to Fraser’s website:

He’s currently artist in residence at Inverary Castle, the seat of the Duke of Argyll. As a matter of interest, the current Duke is the captain of the Scottish national elephant polo team. In case you haven’t heard of this popular sport, we have won the world title several times. How can you not have heard of this? I’m really not making it up:

Lots of (non-pachyderm) information can be found here:

Anyway, back to Fraser. I think that his artwork is excellent, and even possess a couple of originals. Most of his work is also available in print form, so much more affordable. If you’re thinking that this post is a blatant plug, it is. Tell your friends, go and visit the studio on the Crinan Canal, tell other people, if you like his artwork. He lives in a wagon by the canal, and should get a wider audience.

Some of the local artists take part in what is known as the Argyll Art Map. This is a yearly series of events, giving people the chance to find out more about the various artists, including meeting them and experiencing their work first-hand.

While I find some artists to be a bit precious, I do like a lot of what’s on offer here in Argyll.


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